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Corporate Massage in the Workplace

If you’ve never experienced a massage at your office then why not try it out.

A seated massage can reinvigorate you for the remainder of the day. Corporate Massage simply involves a qualified therapist visiting your office to provide you and your staff with a fully clothed seated massage. No oils, lotions or liquids are used so you clothes won’t be effected plus you won’t need a shower.

Massage4u has providing Corporate Massage Services for the past 4 years with resounding success.

It doesn’t matter where your office is based our Corporate Massage is available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth.

Call us on 0413 060 086 to arrange a quotation.

I think we all thoroughly felt relaxed by Christine.  We were all unsure what to expect but she made us feel very relaxed and worked on areas that needed the most attention. I believe everyone felt very comfortable during the session and had less stress on their neck and shoulders after the session.  It was certainly a nice change from the day to day work.”

“Thank you for the professional service.”

Comvergence VIC